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Edna Mae Berkey

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PB & Jammy Glass should not exist, lol but here we are. I blame my sister, she started the obsession with a gift of one class and from there, like many things we blame our siblings for, it got out of control.


I took my first hot glass class in January of 2020 at the age of 42.


I'm a late bloomer. 


We all know what happened in March of 2020. I had plenty of time to pursue the most frustrating art form I had ever attempted. 


If you stick around any glass studio that's worth its salt for more than a few months, they find you other glass to play with. In December of 2020 I found Fusing.


Fusing has no rules...only the rules that apply to glass. I found my people, the lawless, the chaotic, the ones that always have band aids in their pockets.

At 42 years young, I found the artist that I had been hiding and PB & Jammy was born to let her fly. 

Sarah Todd Gomez
Lead Hotshop Artist

Bio Coming Soon

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